Playing for change, singing for peace


Amani FM

The goal is to develop an ephemeral radio during the Amani Festival.


Highlight the values of the Amani festival:

  • Living together, because reconciliation and unity between communities and peoples are essential for a better future;
  • Entrepreneurship, because dynamism and the spirit of innovation are important paths for the development of the region;
  • Environmental protection, because collective and individual well-being requires the commitment of all to protecting the environment we live in;
  • Personal commitment, because the spirit of volunteering and giving to others is one of the keys to the festival's success.

Build up the visibility of festival performers through their music and interviews. It is about making international artists accessible, not necessarily known via regional media, and giving increased visibility to local artists.

Give a voice to those who make the festival happen. This raises awareness around the festival and creates an emulation around its organization in order to encourage others to take part.

Support the festival in its goal of creating cultural links between the inhabitants of the different countries of the region, after years of armed conflict. But also, through dance and singing, to create a different atmosphere, far from the conflicts that have affected the region in recent years. Amani FM wishes to be part of this process of building a society where everyone finds their place and contributes to collective well-being.

The original idea is an ephemeral radio but it may one day become a "full-time" project!

Programme :
- Jeudi 8 février - 15h30 à 16h30
- Vendredi 9 février - 11h30 à 14h30
- Samedi 10 février - 11h30 à 14h30
- Dimanche 11 février - 11h30 à 14h30

Comment écouter ?
- Sur pendant les périodes de diffusion citées ci-dessus
- En radio : Pole FM 91.4 MHz

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