Playing for change, singing for peace


Kris Dane / Slameurs Goma
Saturday 15 Feb 16:50 > Scène Djoo Paluku Sunday 16 Feb 14:00 > Scène Mont Goma

"The Heroes, that’s us, the Heroes, that’s you." This artistic creation started in 2019 with Gaël Faye, singer, rapper, singer-songwriter & French-Rwandan writer, René Georges, Belgian director and the slameurs from Goma Slam Session. This year, it will be completed with Kris Dane, singer-songwriter, and with the participation of Michaël Lazic (choreographer), musicians of Goma, and Xavier Istasse (video maker).

It's about revisiting through myths our disenchanted modern lives (African or Western, it doesn't matter). They resurface in the contemporary world through our daily acts of violence, bravery, sacrifice or love. People of the street, that all too human of cities at the end of the world, streets, maquis, prisons, forgotten villages, hospitals, and inscribe this anti-conformist talk in the tradition of a slam, old-school hip hop, where rap, music, sound and spoken poetry merge. The Heroes, that’s us, the Heroes, that’s you!

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