Playing for change, singing for peace


Requiem pour la Paix
Friday 14 Feb 13:40 > Scène Djoo Paluku

30 choristers, 8 soloists, a drummer as well as a troupe of classical dancers from North and South Kivu have decided to provide a performance adapted from Mozart's Requiem.

Mozart's Requiem is a masterpiece, a prayer for the dead, which belongs to the heritage of humanity. It obliges us to introspect, to remember, to share a moment that we want to be solemn.

The mixed and reworked piece makes its drums reason to the sounds of traditional rituals announcing mourning. The dancers from North and South Kivu illustrate the content of the work through an artistic representation of mourning.

This performance serves as a symbolic act of remembrance, meditation and mourning for all those families who have lost loved ones during the deadly and recurrent attacks in areas affected by the phenomenon of insecurity in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is an awareness, a sensitization, a meditation through a musical work sung and played by the artists themselves of the DRC.

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